Michael A. Gregory is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who performs LIVE, spiritually oriented, originalĀ music.

He can provide the perfect music and mood for your Sunday church service or assist you with special concert events.
His songs cover every topicĀ for a spiritual life service such as love, hope, peace, forgiveness, joy, oneness with God, freedom or whatever your message might be.

He is also available to cover and entire Sunday Service if needed, as he is also an Ordained Minister and guest speaker.

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Need booking and concert information?

Kind Loving Spirit

God is in everything

God is Everywhere

God is all good

We are all one with God

God is omnipotent

God is omniscient

God is omnipresent

Thoughts held in mind will manifest in kind

Your life is a result of your choices and decisions. There are no accidents.

God is my health, God is my strength!

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