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Michael A. Gregory is a singer, guitarist and songwriter with over 40 years professional experience. He has appeared in clubs, festivals, concerts, fairs, churches, songwriter’s showcases and private events all over the US. He studied voice and music in New York and is an accomplished musician and entertainer.


Michael is also an Ordained Minister and has studied religion since he was 18 years old. In his twenties he was a Buddhist, and since his thirties he studied Unity teachings, as well as “A Course in Miracles”, “Conversations With God” and many other related teachings up to the present. He was music director and Board President of Unity of Antelope Valley for 4 years and studied to be a Licensed Unity Teacher. He was also the musical director for Unity of Roseville for 2 years.


He has 3 albums of all original, spiritually oriented vocal music entitled “Holy Spirit” and “Presence Divine” and “Mostly Blue”. They encompass the many influences of his combined beliefs and studies. He also plays instrumentals on the Native American flute and has a 4th album entitled “Beyond the Sun” which feature this instrument. It's perfect music for meditation.


His songs cover all aspects of your spiritual journey to include forgiveness, faith, love, overcoming and peace. The songs can be used to fit almost any church sermon topic. Many of Michael’s songs have simple words and melodies that he teaches to the congregation so they can sing along. There are meditation pieces like “Holy Spirit” all the way to some fun, foot-stomping songs like “Let Yourself Be”! See the enclosed complete list of titles. He has toured as a soloist at dozens of Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living and many other metaphysical churches, in Northern and Southern California.


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Michael Gregory

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Kind Loving Spirit

God is in everything

God is Everywhere

God is all good

We are all one with God

God is omnipotent

God is omniscient

God is omnipresent

Thoughts held in mind will manifest in kind

Your life is a result of your choices and decisions. There are no accidents.

God is my health, God is my strength!

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